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SK Jazz

Patrick Spanko

27 mars 2019

ANIMI - Beautiful, fresh, colorful album!

By Patrick Španko / translated by Google Translate*

Shauli Einav (* 1982) is one of the young generation of excellent Israeli jazzmen who have conquered clubs around the world in recent years, with generous support from the Israeli state. He played with a variety of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem groups. Only in 1998 was there a fateful encounter with the legendary American saxophonist Arnie Lawrence, who came to Israeleas with the idea of settling disputes between Arabs and Jews through music and became the link between the Tel Aviv and New York music scene. After studying at the Tel Aviv Conservatory, Shauli Einav went to New York, where he continued his studies at the prestigious Eastman School of Music. He stayed in the Big Apple for 7 years and played with such as: Avishai Cohen, Shai Maestro, Dave Liebman, Frank Gambale and others. He moved from New York to Paris, where he released his Opus One debut CD in 2011 well received by critics and the public. In 2013 it was an albumA Truth About Me , In 2016 Beam Me Upand now the Animi album, again in Berthold Record, at the beginning of March 2019. Animi is Latin for heart, soul, vitality or zeal. Shauli brings to the jazz landscape the breath of fresh air with her style of improvisation and composition. And then it "feeds" on the influences around you. "But most of all, Animi is reminiscent of Blue Note Records aesthetics in the mid-1960s, when the label invented legendary LPs such as Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch !, Grachan Moncur III - Evolution or Andrew Hills - Point of Departure All adventurous, daring albums where tradition and innovation have been in perfect balance. " This sextet is perfectly versatile and responsive to handle the 11-track dynamic repertoire from which Sahuli Einav has signed under 8 songs. Beautiful, fresh, colorful album!

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